In accordance with the FAI recommendations, the measurement of altitude in the categories S1 and S5 is to be measured electronically with the use of altimeters. According to these guidelines altimeter has been developed, which in addition to measuring the maximum altitude, stores measurement results for the entire flight. Its parameters were adjusted to the recommendations of the FAI. Altimeter’s size (9.5 x 24 x 7) and weight (1.2 g) allow for its inclusion in all types of space models.

General description
In the altimeter conversion of pressure to altitude is based on the formula that takes into account the current pressure, pressure changes, temperature, vertical temperature gradient, change the density of the atmosphere, depending on altitude. The applied formula is universal and there is no need to convert measurements in relation to the pressure above sea level. Model altimeter ALT LED is used for measuring the altitude of the model. During the measurements the results are appropriately filtered to remove interference. Detection of the model start is made automatically. The measurement starts after reaching a height of 20m by the model. Landing is also detected automatically. The maximum measurement is 3 stored in nonvolatile memory so it is remembered after you disconnect the power supply. Frequency of measurement is constant and is equal to15 measurements/sec. Readout of altimeter’s measurements and parameters is possible after power is supplied. Adequate number of blinking LEDs informs of the maximum altitude specified in meters and the serial number. Adapter – Charger Adapter has a built-in complete control system of battery recharge (singlecell Li-Pol).


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